We’ve been up and running now for nearly a whole year now.  We’ve worked on weddings in each season and helped some really gorgeous couples bring their style to life.


While enjoying the journey, we’ve learnt pretty some important lessons – which we wanted to share as they might just help:


  1. Less is sometimes more.  We often spend our last hour of styling up a venue taking things away.  Weddings are busy and you need to remember to make room for your guests.  It’s important for them to feel that they can move through the space freely.  Too much fuss makes it difficult for people to relax


  1. It’s never too early to build excitement. Don’t just think about the venue itself.  Tease your guests with hints of what’s to come.  That could be welcome signs on route to the venue or pretty details in the car park. Start building anticipation


  1. Flowers/greenery – overestimate!  We have found ourselves making mad dashes to find extra flowers or foraging for wild flowers to ensure our props pop.  Get extra… pretty please (or let us source an extra bucket for you)


  1. Candles don’t light themselves. Very sadly, we don’t get to be around during your actual reception (sob).  Make sure you collar someone and get them to light your candles (if you have them) or remind them to turn on fairy lights.  We have found that caterers are often happy to help with this – don’t miss out on candlelight


  1. Give people jobs. Friends and family want to help, they really do.  It will make things much easier if you give each person a very specific job and tools to do the jobs. That way they don’t have to keep asking you questions. The stress comes from people not really knowing what to do.  Be strict but nice


  1.     An army marches on its stomach. If you’ve rounded up the troops to help you, don’t forget to feed and water them.  It keeps everyone chipper and able to turn a blind eye to any little stressy moments you might have


  1.    Remember your appointment with the registrar. Nearly all our couples have been panicking over this last bit of wedding admin. Put a reminder in your phone!!  


  1.    Packing up again.  We’ve been around the day after a wedding when no one really knows what’s going where or what belongs to whom.  Of course, you don’t really want to get involved just make sure a couple of members of your wedding squad knows what’s what – e.g. Who is going to be responsible for looking after cards and presents etc


  1.   The top on the day to-do is normally caused by the table plan! Best laid plans and all that…it’s normally one of those things that you think’s in the bag and then something unexpected happens.  Top tip – don’t try and fix it by committee (too many chefs and all that). Grab a quiet spot and a trusted advisor and quickly jig things about.  Then stop stressing about it.


  1.   Cookies.  We find cookies always help – we can’t work on an empty stomach. You will be running around, doing lots of last minute jobs.  Sit down, have a cookie and a cuppa (also good to keep your fluids up) – and if you’ve got any last minute worries we’re always happy to sit down and help you work them out.  There is always a solution….promise!


Oh yeah…and remember this is super amazing fun and it always turns out just right.