They say that ‘scent is the strongest tie to memory’ and with that in mind we’ve joined creative forces with the gorgeously talented Jessica Pacey from North East Chandlery to launch our ‘Aromatherapy Scent Scaping Service’.  

Using a combination of diffusers, candles and a carefully selected blends of pure essential oils, we can add an extra dimension to your day by filling your venue with a heavenly scent that will enhance the mood and increase the impact of your decor choices. You’ll be taking your guests on a sensory experience and truly making your mark.



This offering combines our knowledge and passion for curating beautiful spaces with Jessica’s in-depth understanding of essential oils and their therapeutic properties.  Not only can Jessica help you link memories of your day to a scent that speaks to you, but she can also help to calm nerves, create a positive aura and set the tone of your celebrations.  

The oils are organic, wild crafted and sourced from a local Scottish supplier. The diffusers create a fragment mist that scents your whole venue. They are elegant in design and subtly blend in to your decor.  Our candles are made from completely natural and sustainable ingredients, adding a soft warm glow to the celebrations.

To scent your day, simply choose from our menu of essential oil blends, which have been carefully designed with the emotions and atmosphere of weddings in mind, or design your own blend with our bespoke service. You can then add centrepiece candles or tea-lights for your tables.  And last but by no means least, create beautiful keepsakes with personalised wedding favours or gifts for your wedding party.

The packages start from £75. Do get in touch for more details and we will send you our detailed brochure.


Smell you later x