This service combines all of our knowledge and passion about curating a beautiful venue, to help you achieve a day that looks, feels and smells good heavenly.

To scent your day, you can choose from our menu of essential oil blends, which have been carefully designed with the emotions and atmosphere of weddings in mind, or you can design your own blend with our bespoke service. We use ultrasonic aroma diffusers in combination with handmade aromatherapy candles to scent your venue.

Our essential oils are organic and wild crafted, and are sourced from a local Scottish supplier, to ensure they are the highest quality, purest, most effective and most ethically produced oils that we can find. They have been carefully blended with both their aroma and natural properties in mind, to create delightful and effective fragrances.

Our diffusers are beautiful and elegant in design, and subtly blend in to your decor to allow the aroma to work its magic. The diffuser’s vaporise water and the added essential oils to produce a fragrant mist that scents your whole venue.

Our candles are made from completely natural and sustainable ingredients, and can be customised to commemorate your special day. The candles add an ambient glow along with an extra dose of your chosen scent.

How it works:

Step 1

Pick your blend(s) from our scent collection, or design your own with our Bespoke Service

Step 2

Add your candles; choose from centrepiece candle jars or tea lights for your tables

Step 3

Add your extras; customised keepsake candles or gifts for the Wedding Party