Tabletop Dinner Candles – The Lowdown

Planning out tablescapes is one of our absolute favourite things to do, but we totally understand why it can seem quite daunting beforehand. It’s not something you’ll probably have done loads before, and not something you can practice either – unless, you know, you fancy erecting 7 trestle tables in your living room and going for a dry run. Knowing how much to put atop the table is a big worry; you don’t want it to be too densely packed so that people can’t find their fork, but you don’t want it to be so sparse it gives off school dinner vibes.

One of our biggest, most timeless styling loves is candles (some would say it was an eternal flame…), but one of the questions we get asked the most from our couples when budgeting for them is “HOW BLIMMIN MANY DO WE NEED?”. Because we live to please, we thought it may be useful to put together a wee gallery of options to show you the options, and help you decide. Let’s start at the EXTRA end of the scale because, well, why the hell not…


Alternating heights, widths, and spacing makes a candle filled table top all that more special. Heavily candle-laden tables are perfect for child-free, romance-heavy indoor weddings – but they’re better off at weddings without sharing platters.


10 +

Once again, 10+ candles is SUPER romantic, and most trestle tables can take this amount of candles at all the same width without feeling overly crowded. It gives it plentiful, bountiful Renaissance vibes – we dig.


We’re willing to bet that 8 is probably around the amount you’d have gone with anyway, had this life-changing blog not appeared. With eight candles, you can spread them along a table comfortably to also allow room for other styling elements like floral centrepieces. We recommend avoiding them in 4 sets of 2, but instead opting for pockets of random numbers, to stop it looking too formulaic.



Six candles can be GREAT eye-catchers. Use tall thin taper candles to add height and depth to a tablescape, drawing people’s attention in and keeping it locked. It’s romantic opulence in motion.



Odd numbers are always a great number for candles, as they look more randomly ‘just placed’ than even numbers. And even though everyone knows you’ve meticulously planned your wedding styling in reality, we all like to pretend we just casually threw it together, don’t we? It contributes to a stylish but laid-back atmosphere on the day. Place the candles at staggered intervals down the table for ultimate relaxed chic.



When you’ve got loads of other decorations to fit on the table, like fluffy floral clouds or detail-heavy centrepieces, 4 candles make a really good addition to the display. Rather than being the focus, they’re an extra element to bring height and movement to ya gorge tables.




As the song goes, three is the magic number, and they can look totally magic. On round tables, use three candles of differing heights all together to create depth and a focal point to your table styling. We always recommend thinner candles for this, to ensure people can actually see the person they’re sat opposite over the table. (And who knows? Maybe we’ve just figured out the solution for working out how not to view someone you despise over the table. We just keep giving.)



Understated and elegant, two candles spread amongst a table is the ultimate in rustic supper club chic. They work super well alongside lower, shallower elements on tables such as boughs of foliage, just punctuating the tables with a flicker of warmth.



Tables can look beaut without dinner candles – shocking, we know. As massive fans of them, it does pain us to say it, but it’s true! If you still want a light-up element, lovely little tealights can totally hold their own, and lamps can look super cute.

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