What’s in our toolkit?

Not a set-up day goes by without someone shouting ‘where are all the blimmin scissors’?!

The truth is we have about 10 pairs – but it’s never enough. You can guarantee if you’re at the top of a ladder, your scissors will be at the bottom!  And it’s not just scissors that we crave – our trusty toolbox ‘Stan’ is full of lots of weird stuff that we couldn’t live without.

Top Ten

So here are the top ten things that we can’t live without when setting up an event:

  1. Tea/Coffee – we don’t get started until we’ve consumed some hot caffeinated stuff
  2. Snacks – Jean loses the plot when hungry – so it’s best to be armed with stuff to throw in her direction when fatigue sets in
  3. Our aprons – they have handy pockets for things like……
  4. Scissors! – required at every moment of every setup day
  5. Eco Fishing line – reels and reels of the stuff
  6. Electrical gaffer tape – in an array of colours and finishes
  7. Drawing pins – people always ask us for them – trusty little devils
  8. Posca chalk pens – only the best for when we feel the need to get a bit creative
  9. Plasters – because we are always surrounded by GLASS EVERYTHING
  10. Cable ties – when you’ve given up hope of something working you remember you’ve got cable ties!