We love all aspects of wedding styling here at The Little White Cow, but one that will always get our hearts racing that bit faster is a wedding backdrop. There’s so much fun you can have with a backdrop – they’re perfect for getting your style across, and for creating an ace focal point. They’re also the ultimate way to transform a DIY venue or blank canvas space (which is kinda our speciality here at TLWC).

We have a whole board on our pinterest (at @littlewhitecow) dedicated to stunning wedding backdrop inspo for all kinds of spaces. From Mandy Moore’s fluffy pink gypsophila-esque archway to calligraphy banners and dressing room screens, there’s so much that you can use as an incredible and impactful backdrop – but what if your venue looks nothing like the one in the picture?

Of course, all wedding aesthetics are created equal – but sadly it may not seem like the venues they’re held in are! Dark corners, ugly electrical points and giant fire escape signs can all provide stumbling blocks for your dreams of a light and airy blank canvas, but don’t fret, pets, as we’re here to help. We can help you translate between the space you have and the space you’ve pinned by going on a venue recce and coming up with a styling plan, including colour schemes, props, and other suppliers if needed to make your dream come to life in your venue. If we can’t recreate the exact image in your venue, we’ll walk you through why, and explain how we’ll make it even better for you.

We thought we’d show you how we do that by taking you through a couple of our fave pinned images from that board, and how they can be applied to any space with our styling know how:


Low ceilings, high hopes

We think we can all agree that this image is pretty breathtaking, right? We love the draped fabric and the effortless flow it brings. However, it works particularly well with the high ceiling of this venue, and those big windows flooding light into the room. In a room with a lower roof, or a darker room, this may look a bit oppressive and suffocating, so instead we’d look at restructuring the installation to keep the flow without making it look stunted, or look at ways of incorporating flowing fabric that didn’t require such a long drop. Same effect, same impact, less problems!



A modern flower wall…

The perfect middle ground between geometric and au natural, we love the idea of leaves, fronds or flowers being stuck to the wall behind you to provide a super simple backdrop. However, depending on the age and preservation of your venue, you may be prevented from sticking anything on the walls directly. Also, depending on your ceremony timings and when you’re allowed in your venue, you may need to preserve them with something to keep them looking fresh (especially in summer heat!) We can sort all of this out for you, keeping your clean and minimal aesthetic whilst also not incurring a huge bill at the end of it…



Minimalist backdrops

Pins like this make our heart sing – although it sounds odd, we’re big on bringing everyday styling into your wedding. If you wouldn’t do something huge and showy in your house, why would you do it on your wedding? However, minimalist styles work best in venues with crisp, clean backdrops – which rules out a lot of older venues. However, we can help you work out how to do the most with the least by playing to the venue’s strengths, highlighting details the already have, and bringing the modern and the older together.


If you want to chat to us about wedding styling for your DIY venue, drop us an email and let’s natter – we can’t wait to hear from ya!