If you’ve just got engaged and have found yourself looking at the classic wedding planning resources with fear and trepidation – don’t panic. It’s ok, you are NOT alone. If the well-trodden road to a traditional white wedding is not your thang… get yourself a copy of the Stone Fox Bride by Molly Rosen Guy.

Yes, it’s very American, yes it feels a bit too cool for school and yes the majority of suppliers/resources talked about won’t apply to you….but it is a thing of beauty and powerfully gives you permission to break all the rules and shows you how others have created the wedding they really wanted, without feeling the need to bow down to the pressures of tradition.



Molly Rosen Guy is a bit sweary (a girl after my own heart) and definitely says it like it is. The book shares her own story of being single in NYC, finding her man and planning her own wedding. It’s the mix of personal stories and inspiration that I fell in love with (and I’m already married). I couldn’t put it down.

Guy wrote the book because she couldn’t find anything that ‘spoke to the amount of angst the whole process’ was giving her. If you don’t care about ‘how things should look’ put a copy of this book in your basket and lose yourself in the world of the Stone Fox Bride for a blissful afternoon. You’ll feel oh so much better.