Our recent blog about ‘Mid-Week Weddings and The Reasons They Rock’ got you lovely humans chatting in the best way. It seems it was just what you needed to hear – it also got our community asking questions, sharing doubts and worries and most importantly providing reassurance and support.

One of our past brides Lynsey (who got married on a Thursday at The Cow Shed Crail) stepped up to reassure couples hit with having to reschedule with some heart-warming insights from her own wedding celebrations.

So, in her own words…here is what Lynsey had to say….peppered with images of their day by Photos by Zoe Weddings.

For background, we chose to have a Thursday wedding last August. My husband and I both work in education (as do many of our guests) so summer was really the only “quiet time” we could take an extended period of time off work. Unfortunately summer is the busiest time for weddings so we knew it would be really hard to get all our favourite suppliers available on the same summer Saturday. We didn’t want to compromise on who we chose to work at our wedding (and didn’t want to wait 2-3 years to do so!) so took the plunge and booked a weekday instead. At the time I was so nervous about doing so, and didn’t know anyone who had attended a weekday wedding, never mind actually gotten married on a weekday, so hopefully this helps some people out if they are concerned!

1. We managed to save a good chunk of our budget on our venue by opting for a weekday, which allowed us to put that money towards other aspects of our day. We put ours towards getting a videographer (who was fully booked on Saturdays!) to capture our day and now we have the most wonderful memories of our day captured on film.

2. At no point did any suppliers make us feel like our wedding mattered less, or was less important because it wasn’t on a Saturday. Your day will be special and magical regardless of which day of the week you host it on.

3. Suppliers work just as hard regardless of the day of the week, so don’t expect lots of discounts, however, a couple did offer us a bit of money off. It’s also worth speaking to your venue to see if you can share suppliers (e.g. catering, lighting, etc) with the couple immediately before/after your big day. If the suppliers can have their equipment on site for some weddings back-to-back they can give each couple a discount.

4. Your guests WILL still come to a weekday wedding! I shed a lot of tears worrying no one would attend our Thursday wedding but I really had nothing to worry about – people love weddings, and they love YOU so will be willing to take time off to attend. 90% of our guest list were there on the day, and those that couldn’t attend also wouldn’t have been able to attend even if our wedding was two days later on the Saturday.

5. Everyone was very much still up for a boogie and willing to party into the small hours, even though it wasn’t a Saturday night. We encouraged our guests to treat our wedding as the start of long weekend away and listed lots of ideas for places to stay/eat and things to see and do in the local area on our wedding website. This allowed them to take advantage of having to take time off and turned it into a mini break that just so happened to include our wedding.

6. Finally, if any guests complained about our wedding being on a weekday, their grumbles have never reached our ears. They’re all still talking to us 8 months on, so it can’t have been that bad!

My heart breaks for couples having to rearrange all their plans, so hopefully this reassures some of your couples ❤

What an absolute star.  We really hope it helps!